Lopsided World of L – Sunday 26 June 8PM- Berlin Era

Berlin era #296 is pure head music. In the mix, many new artists from all over the globe.

And to spice things up the return on Radiohead with a deep album track, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Stone Roses. That is just a small part of the show. So many cool new tunes from The Tips, Hemingway, Kim Girdlestone, and Héllena among many others. Here is the whole set-list.

June 25

* First time song airs on show + is replay

*Useless ID “We Don’t Want The Airwaves” (Israel)
*Helen Love “Thank You Poly Styrene” (Wales)
*Jj Thames “Leftovers” (Jackson, Mississippi)
*Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dark Necessities” (Los Angeles)
*Kim Girdlestone “Sex Is In” (Sydney, Australia)
*Jai Wolf f/The Chain Gang Of 1974 “Drive” (N.Y.C.)
*The Battles Of Winter “Love’s White Thread” (London)
*The Stone Roses “All For One” (Manchester)
*Beyond The Black “Written In Blood” (Germany)
*The Burning Hell “Men Without Hats” (Ontario, Canada)
*Héllena “Now I See” (Greece/London)
*Waconzy “Kizomba” (Nigeria)
*Gor Martisrosian “Mediocre Men” (Armenia)
*Radiohead “Burn The Witch” (Oxfordshire, England)
*Deepshade “Sad Sun” (Wigan, England)
*Peter Zimmermann F/Kyle Brauch “Better Off” (Germany)
*Chapter And Verse “Shelf Life” (East London)
*The Tips “Leaving Home” (Düsseldorf)
*Ronnie Spector “Girl Don’t Come” (Connecticut)
*Polarheart “Enigma” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ladyhawke “A Love Song” (New Zealand)
*Hemingway “Unified” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Kai van Bjonik “Over My Body” (Berlin, Germany)
*Famp “In Love With A Feeling” (Austria)
*Penny For The Workhouse “Giant Slayer” (W. Midlands)
*Augustines “Are We Alive” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Øyvind Weiseth “Hold On” (Norway/Liverpool)
*LAMALO f/Kim Ven “Cablecars” (Sydney, Australia)
*Mark Ganesh & Dj Preacher “I’m Alone” (Düsseldorf)
*This Party “Taste” (Brighton, England)

*Rammstein song of week returns next week

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Author: Jonathan L

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