Lopsided World of L – #297

The Berlin era offers a wide array of new music in so many different styles.

Highlights include Bavaria’s Rudy Ratzinger also known as Wumpscut on a strange piece, Sydney’s Wilder Lee, smooth R&B from America’s Grady Champion, glam courtesy of Warshow Angles from a special charity compilation, and a rarely heard on radio 6-minute Electro mix of Rammstein’s most known song “Du Hast”. Below is the entire set-list.

July 2

* First time song airs on show + is replay

*American Wolves “Part Of Me” (Rhode Island)
*Wumpscut “Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg” (Bavaria, Germany)
*OnDeadWaves “Jupiter” (London, England)
*Jonathan L w/The Inconsistent Jukebox “Radio Boom”
*B-Movie “Climate Of Fear” (Nottinghamshire)
+Helen Love “Thank You Poly Styrene” (Wales)
*Jj Thames “Woman Scorned” (Jackson, Mississippi)
*Monkees “I Was There (And Told I Had A…” (Los Angeles)
*Wilder Lee “Into The Wild” (Sydney, Australia)
*N-Euro “Colours” (Orginal mix) (Estonia)
*Linki “Demonise” (Sydney, Australia)
*Jorn “I Know There’s Something Going On” (Norway)
*Warshow Angels “Bang Bang Love” (Los Angeles)
*Kristin Control “Drive The Night” (N.Y.C.)
*Glass Animals “Life Itself” (Oxford, England)
*Stonefield “Stranger” (Victoria, Australia)
*Teleman “Fall In Time” (London, England)
+Héllena “Now I See” (Greece/London)
*Grady Champion “Move Something” (Canton, Miss)
*T.O.Y.S. “G-A-C” (Leeds, England)- (more below)
*Walking On Cars “Speeding Cars” (Dingle, Ireland)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: Du Hast (Ext. Electro remix)
*Kaytranada F/Anderson Paak “Glowed Up” (Montreal)
*Louis Berry “Nicole” (Liverpool)
*Adrian J “Beautiful” (Australia)
*Sykoya “Closer” (London, England)
*Rival Kings “Drown” (Zurich, Switzerland)
+Day Of The Dead “44 Deluxe” (Perth, Australia)
*Nick Monaco “Physical Therapy” (South Africa)

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Author: Jonathan L

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