We are back and sounding better via 107.5 FM!

The phoenix rises from the ashes.

Well, to make a long story short…we got our primary transmitter back up & running. An unexpected bonus were the new chips in our new unit, that meant a much better sound quality to our broadcasts. FM will never be digital, but our broadcast sounds pretty damn good. The TX seems to have a more ‘solid’ signal. All of our tests of the broadcasts show a longer stereo range than we previously had.

Thanks so much to all of the faithful andHow.FM fans who showed their support in our time of need.  You guys have done more than you can ever know with your support.

If you would like more info on how you can help support andHow.FM click here!

Enjoy the tunes.  They are for you. We hope you like them.




Author: Reverend Aquaman

Got indie?! World-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, hand-picked, indie, alternative, modern, vintage rock & more radio at andHow.FM & 107.5 FM Porirua, NZ.

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