Brainwaves – April 17, 2018 – music for Israeli independence day

Israel celebrates its 70th birthday this week, so Brainwaves is doing a special episode with just music out of the Holy Land. Some in Hebrew, some in English. Classic bands like Kaveret and Mashina, newer bands such as Forest and Elai Botzer, and everything in-between. 2 hours of eclectic alternative indie pop you won’t hear anywhere else!

Band Song
Ethnix Strawberries
Yehuda Poliker What Will Be Will Be
Alon Olearchik She Walks on the Roads
Monika Sex On the Floor
The Tractor’s Revenge Game of Tears
Forest Amalia
The Idan Raichal Project Nicer Words Than These
Nathan Goshen Thinking About It (Let it Go)
Niv Kaikov No Regrets
Red Meadow Forever 21
Synergy Guilty
The Madbujah Project Baladistan
Avraham Tal Lights
Efo HaYeled What’s Come Over Me?
Karolina Facing the Sea
Kaveret Market Song
Kaveret Inspector Clever
Ivri Lider The Blue Glass
Beit HaBubot Missed Dreams
Avtipus There Goes My Humor
Tea Packs The Old Station
Mashina Wake Up
Mashina A Qualified Optician
Shalom Hanoch Slowly Slowly
Shlomo Artzi Like Then
Arik Einstein Fragile
Ehud Banai Going Out into the Light (Published)
Evyatar Banai When Will We Kiss?
Elai Botner and the Outside Kids Done but not Over
Botzer (Hebrew is) a Pretty Language

Author: Brian Blum

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