LOPSIDED WORLD OF L #300- Sunday JULY 24, 8pm

#300 Berlin era has some quite fascinating songs from many new artists like James Beng Lee (Liverpool), and Marco Benevento (N.Y.C.). Plus some awesome returning artists with new music.

Anderson/Stolt is pure progressive rock featuring YES singer Jon Anderson. D Generation are back finally. The New Yorkers are so good, and a new tune from The Stone Roses is the icing on the musical cake.

*Summer Cannibals “Just A Little Bit” (Portland, Oregon)
*James Being Lee “Hopes And Dreams” (Sydney, AU)
*Day Of The Dead “The Last Stand” (Perth, AU)
*Blues Pills “Lady In Gold” (Sweden)
*Jonathan L w/The Inconsistent Jukebox “Radio Boom”(DM)
*D Generation “Apocalypse Kids” (N.Y.C.)
*Jorn “Hotel California” (Eagles cover) (Norway)
+Black Plastic “Deutsch” (Denver, Colorado)
*Jeff Beck f/Rosie Bones “Live In The Dark” (Sutton, England)
*Marco Benevento “Dropkick” (N.Y.C.)
+The Black Delta Movement “Seven Circles” (Kingston Upon Hull)
*Youngsmith “Red” (Brisbane, AU)
*Volbeat f/ Danko Jones “Black Rose” (Copenhagen)
*Banks & Steelz “Giant” (N.Y.C.)
*Anderson/Stolt “Golden Light” (Lancashire, England)
*The Stone Roses “Beautiful Thing” (Manchester)
*Withem “Riven” (Oslo, Norway)
*Rococode “A Diamond” (Vancouver, BC)
*Maszer “Fata Mirage” (Los Angeles)
*S T F U “Deeper” (London, England)
*Ayreon “Day Fifteen: Betrayal” (Netherlands)
*Ayreon “Day Sixteen: Loser” (Netherlands)
*Bristol “Moog Island” (Morcheeba cover) (Bristol, U.K.)
*Shameless f/Debora Cidrack “Candy” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
*Lola Dutronic “Happy Endings” (Toronto/Düsseldorf)
*Frost “Heartstrings” (London, England)


Author: Jonathan L

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