LOPSIDED WORLD OF L- SHE SHOW 16- Sunday July 31, 8pm

This Sunday July 31 an all new edition of the the only true showcase of talented women musicians from all over the world.

“SHE SHOW- Volume 16” continues the most popular in a series of Lopsided World Of L specials.

This week’s playlist…

*First time song airs on show   + is replay

+Rococode “A Diamond” (Vancouver, BC)
*Kendra Morris “Le Snitch” (N.Y.C.)
*Marianne Dissard “Election” (Paris, France)
*Jones “Melt” (London, England)
+Blues Pills “Lady In Gold” (Sweden)
*Cindy Marlowe “Liar” (Hannover, Germany)
+Lola Dutronic “Harley Davidson” (Toronto/Düsseldorf)
*Shura “Touch” (West London)
+Linki “Demonise” (Sydney, Australia)
*Inouwee “Playing It Cool” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
+Georgia Reed “Waiting To Run” (Perth, Australia)
*Johnette Napolitano “Here” (Joshua Tree, CA)
+Helen Love “Thank You Poly Styrene” (Wales)
+Kim Girdlestone “Sex Is In” (Sydney, Australia)
*Puro Instinct “What You See” (Los Angeles)
*Saphira “Believe” (Switzerland)
*The Last Exposure “Echo” (Sydney, Australia)
+Sykoya “Shiver” (London)
*Ninet Tayeb (Superstar” (Israel)
*Kristin Kontrol “Smoke Rings” (N.Y.C.)
*Alice Jemima “Under The Radar” (Devon, U.K.)
+Wendy James “Bad Intentions &…” (London)
+Ronnie Spector “I’d Much Rather…” (Connecticut)
*Joanna Weston “Desire” (Netherlands)
*Jj Thames “I’m Leavin’” (Jackson, Mississippi)
*OnDeadWaves “Hollow” (London)
*Summer Cannibals “Make Up” (Portland, Oregon)
*Amber Arcades “Turning Light” (Amsterdam)
+Chàrlee M. “Back In Time” (Germany)
+Shameless f/Debora Cidrack “Candy” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
+Héllena “Now I See” (Greece/London)

Author: Jonathan L

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