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Berlin era #304 features a fantastic collaboration and the return of De La Soul featuring Snoop Dogg. San Francisco/Paris singer Rykarada Parasol is not to be missed, and for those of you wanting British icons New Model Army, a new song for you. Also, something refreshing out of Austin, Texas are Holiday Mountain featuring the Mexican IOS. Last but not least Germany’s Laura Carbone will sway you.

*First time song airs on show + is replay

*The Black Sparrows “Franz” (London, England)
*De La Soul f/Snoop Dogg “Pain” (N.Y.C.)
*Honne f/Izzy Bizu “Someone That Loves…” (London)
*Black Plastic “Midlife” (Denver, Colorado)
*Mick Harvey “Boomerang” (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Barmines “Reliance” (Leeds, England)
*New Model Army “Devil” (Bradford, England)
*Screamin’ Rachael “Sprits Rising” (Carmone remix) (Chicago)
*The Swagger “Stoned” (Hornsey, North London)
*Kaye “Honey” (Honolulu, Hawaii)
*The Battles Of Winter “Wrong Port” (London, England)
*Rykarada Parasol “Le Fils du Pere Noel” (SF/Paris)
*Holiday Mountain f/ Mexican IOS “Como Te Llamas” (Austin)
*Marsheaux “Strong Enough” (Greece)
*The Parrots “No Me Gustas, Te Quiero” (Madrid, Spain)
*Grey Attack “I Still Miss You” (Aashen, Germany)
*Laura Carbone “Swans” (Germany)
*Sunday Wilde “Momma’s Drinkin’s Done” (Canada)
*Petter Carlsen “A Taste Of What’s To Come” (Alta, Norway)
*Velvet Bow “Lily Fuzz” (Victoria, Australia)
*MaidaVale “(If You Want Smoke) Be…” (Farosund, Sweden)
*Dj Combo & Papajam & Guests “Boom Boom” (Poland)
*Bleeker “Highway” (Toronto, Canada)
*Starseedz “Miss U” (St Albans, U.K.)
*Chasing Cadence “Everyone Relax” (Hertfordshire, U.K.)
*Hella Donna “Liberty” (Saxon, Germany)
*Prints Jackson f/Jim Ward “Sail On Phaelon” (U.K./El Paso)
*Liz Cirelli “Lalita” (London, England)

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August 20

Author: Jonathan L

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