@LopsidedWorld of L- Sunday August 28, 8pm

#305 Berlin era rips in with Phoenix rocker’s Greenhaven on a new powerful number. Slovenia’s Magnifico lives in his own musical world. Strange. Leeds, England’s Kamikaze Girls will give you the punk you have been waiting for. Mexico girl duo The Peppersplum have something sweet for you. Sydney, Australia’s James Beng Lee is a special singer songwriter, and Helsinki, Finland’s The Expected have a swell song about radio you will enjoy.

*First time song airs on show + is replay

*Greenhaven “The Great Sonoran” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*The Peppersplum “In Life” (Mexico)
*James Beng Lee “Anything” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ninet Tayeb “She Knows” (Southern Israel)
*They Called Him Zone “Just Fall” (Bradford, England)
*Velvet Kills “Red Shoes” (Paris/Berlin)
*The Expected “Radio Night” (Helsinki, Finland)
*Magnifico “Ya Mustafa” (Slovenia)
*Kamikaze Girls “Stiches” (Leeds, England)
*Shell-I “Shallow People” (Russia)
*New Model Army “Winter” (Bradford, England)
*So-Star f/Marri Nallos “Let’s Feel The Charge” (Manchester)
*The Birthday Massacre “The Birthday Massacre” (Toronto)
*Snoop Dogg “My Carz” (Los Angeles)
+The Interruptors “Be My Side” (Los Angeles)
+Kids On Bridges f/Zigaboo Modiste “Say Ok” (Liverpool)
*The Indigo Palms “Live It Up” (Wales)
*Blush “WRNG” (London)
*Libbi “Refall In Love” (Victoria, Australia)
*Temple Velocity “Walk The Way” (Tokyo, Japan/London)
*Grayhound O.C.D. “Where My Heart…” (Bentheim, Germany)
*The Vellas “Lion Sometimes” (Derby/Sheffield, England)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Roter Sand (Orchestra ver.)
*IndifferentMonKeY “I Can See You” (Lancaster, U.K.)
*The Blet Project “Eight Till Ten” (Scotland)
*Luna Aura “Madhouse” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Long Distance Calling “The Man Within” (Munster/Dortmund)
*Georgia Reed “Helen” (Perth, Australia)
*Carmelo Carone “Chicago” ( U.K. mix) (Milan, Italy)

August 27

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Author: Jonathan L

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