@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY DECEMBER 31 & JANUARY 7

Giving kudos to the top 30 songs on Lopsided World Of L for the next two Sundays. A proper way to honor and give exposure to some of the great music from 2017. Out of hundreds and hundreds of new songs it was not easy to get it down to 30. But these tunes all groove and send out pleasant vibes. #368 has so many different sounds for your ears. I want thank all of you take the time on Sunday’s to listen in on andHow FM 

LWOL is honored to be a part of many parts on the station that has a proud 19 year history. 2018 will be amazing musically!

-Death By Chocolate voice intro-
Death By Chocolate “No Shore To Come” (Bein, Switzerland)
-Gozer Goodspeed voice intro-
Gozer Goodspeed “Rattlebone Colour” (Plymouth, England)
-Tomer Yosef voice intro-
Tomer Yosef “Holy Water” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
-Balkan Beat Box voice intro-
Balkan Beat Box “Chin Chin (BR remix) (Tel Aviv, Israel)
-back and front announce-
Billy The Zombie Kid “Are You Dying Like Me” (Borlänge, Sweden)

*Best Rock Song Of Year*
-Maker voice intro-
*Maker “Dead Ends & Avenues” (Kent, England)

-The Treehouse Children voice intro-
The Treehouse Children “Woo” (Newcastle, New South Wales)
Turbobier “A Mensch Is A Mensch” (Vienna, Austria)
-back and front announce-
The Harlots “Chopin” (Melbourne, Australia)
Wills & The Willing voice intro-
Wills & The Willing “Running On Empty” (London, England)
-The Winachi Tribe voice intro-
The Winachi Tribe “Room With A Zoo” (Warrington, England)
-Ali Ingle voice intro-
Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London, England)
-back and front announce-
Young Fathers “Only God Knows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
-Speaker First voice intro-
Speaker First “The Anthem” (Bandung, Indonesia)

*Best Creative Song Of Year*
*Fjorka “Bang On The Door” (London, England)

-Skellums voice intro-
Skellums “If You Have To Leave” (Liverpool, England)
-back and front announce-

*Best New Artist Of Year*
*William Hilton “Circles” (Goodyear, Arizona)

*Best Rock Group Of Year*
-The Boston Shakers voice intro-
*The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)

-Katalina Kicks voice intro-
Katalina Kicks f/ GT “Cold” (London, England)
Miss Velvet And The Blue Wolf “Dare” (New York City)
-back and front announce-
Eisbrecher “Was Ist Hier Los” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)

*Best Cover Remix Of Year*
-Lola Dutronic voice intro-
*Man2Man f/Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Canada/Germany)

The Moorings “Amsterdam” (Selestat, France)
-The Doghunters voice intro-
The Doghunters “Politician, Man!” (Hürth, Germany)
-We Used To Make Things voice intro-
We Used To Make Things “Yes Man” (London, England)
-back and front announce-

*A song from Top 5 Albums Of Year*

*Saint Etienne “Underneath The Apple Tree” (London, England)
-Clan Of Xymox voice intro-
*Clan Of Xymox “Loud And Clear” (Leipzig, Germany)

*Best Unsigned Band Of Year*
-Hightown Pirates voice intro-
*High Town Pirates “Last Chance Saloon” (London, England)

-Kasabian voice intro-
*Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, England)
-back and front announce-
-Ayreon voice intro-
*Ayreon “Bay Of Dreams” (Netherlands)


Author: Jonathan L

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