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On this week’s #343 Berlin era after a month it was a good idea to never forget what happened in a city where I know many people to give homage and a tribute to ‘never forget’. The first 20-minutes is a not to be missed opening set featuring in its entirety the riveting speech Mancurian poet and writer Tony Walsh gave live. Whether you saw it live on the news or not, it is a poem for all time. Also plenty of new music to wrap your ears around from around the globe in various sounds. 


Wire “In Manchester”
Voice of Kid Leah
Tony Walsh (Poet) “This Is The Place”
The Stone Roses “Made Of Stone”
Voice of Mark Starr
Elbow “Real Life (Angel)
-back and front announce-

*denotes first time song airs on show

*Nad Sylvan “The Quartermaster” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Wendy Bevan “Love From The Moon” (London, England)
*Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London/Liverpool)
*Longfingah “Infinity” (Berlin, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Richard Sjöblom’s Gungfly “Over My Eyes” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Tamo f/Lyane Leigh “Another Night” (Japan/Köln, Germany)
*Hightown Pirates “Throwing Stones” (London, England)
*Will de Durca “Madrid” (Dublin, Ireland)
-back and front announce-
*Harem Scarem “Gravity” (Toronto, Canada)
*Seraya Young “Peace Love And…” (S.Africa/Brisbane, AU)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Holy Mountain”
*Golden Curtain “Amen” (New Zealand)
-back and front announce-
*Nate Wants To Battle “Stop Rewind” (Richmond, VA)
*Double Crush Syndrome “Can’t…” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Ryga “Say You Love Me Now” (Riga, Latvia)
-back and front announce-
*The Tangents “Tonight” (Nottingham, England)
*The Indigo Project “Taste It” (Leeds, England)
*The Kickback “Hotel Chorine” (Chicago)
*Iguana Lovers f/Loz Colbert “Cerca de Vos” (Argentina)
-back and front announce-
*Screen 4 Eyes “Secret Life” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Go Satta “Patination” (Plymouth, England)
*Luper Dupree “Ice Chip Candy” (Los Angeles)
-back and front announce-
*Peter Murphy “Bauhaus Medley” (Northampton)

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Author: Jonathan L

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