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As Rocktober continues #359 has a surprise for those of you early 80s music aficionado’s -the return of British punker’s Peter and the Test Tube Babies with a cheeky pre-Halloween tune. Also Robert Levon Been, son of the late Michael Been of The Call, comes in with new rockin’ single with his Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Also new artists like Nordgarden (Oslo), Jesse Ware (Bristol) and Dritte Wahl (Rostock, Germany) are featured among others. For progressive rock fans, new Epica, Threshold, and Eluveite.

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Peter and the Test Tube Babies “Pissedenstein” (England)
*Public Service Broadcasting “All Out” (London, England)
-Robert Been BMRC voice intro-
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Little Thing…” (Los Angeles)
*Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack “Back Lane Man” (Ontario, Canada)
-back and front announce-
*Eluveitie “Epona” (Switzerland)
*Sweet Gum Tree “The Gift” (France)
-Travis Caudle voice intro-
*Travis Caudle “What Will I Do With You” (Perth, Australia)
*Hällas “The Astral Seer” (Jönköping/Linköping, Sweden)
-back and front announce-
*Nordgarden “You Must Be The Change” (Oslo, Norway)
*Wayward Sons “Crush” (United Kingdom)
-Simone Simones of Epica voice intro-
*Epica “Architect Of Light” (Netherlands)
*Rafael Maur & Alan Divall “We Can” (Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Speak Brother “Magnificent” (Midlands, U.K.)
*Ian Moss w/ Mark Corrin “Ali Baba” (Manchester, U.K.)
-Night voice intro-
*Night “Where Silence Awaits” (Linköping, Sweden)
*Threshold “The Shire PT.2” (United Kingdom)
-back and front announce-
*b.d. Gottfried “Something You Weren’t” (Canada)
*Jesse Ware “Selfish” (Bristol, England)
-Dritte Wahl voice intro-
*Dritte Wahl “Es Hält Nicht An” (Rostock, Germany)
*Flori Mumajesi “Karma” (Tirana, Albania)
-back and front announce-
*Silk ’N’ Oak “What They Said” (Boonah, Australia)
*Alazka “The Witness” (Recklinghausen, Germany)
-Ronny Moorings COX voice intro-
-back and front announce-
*Days Indoors “End Of The Road” (London, England)
-The Boston Shakers voice intro-
+The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)
*Primal Fear “If Looks Could Kill” (Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Italo Brutal “Never Hard” (Monaco di Xaviera, Germany)

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Author: Jonathan L

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