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Berlin era #312 rounds out Euro month with an all new Deutsch special edition. Number 4 in a series. All Deutsch related artists. Not all songs are in Deutsch. Musicians do sing in English too. Enjoy a stimulating adventure in many styles of music. Some artists you will know and many you won’t. Add some some more culture to your ears this weekend. “Do It In Deutschland! Next week the return of Saliva!

*Songs in English and Deutsch

Wolf Hoffmann “Scherzo”
Lindemann “That’s My Heart”
Grey Attack “Let Me Go”
Experience Of Music “Space Bass”
The Tips “Leaving Home”
Jerome Clark “WakaWaka”
:Wumpscut “Warmonger Scheusal”
The Sweeps “Careless” (Elektromekanik Remix)
Maggers United “Wann Fängst Du An?”
Motorowl “Old Mans Maze”
Laura Carbone “Swans”
Peter Zimmermann f/ Gordon Golletz “Tanzn”
Alyzee “One Wish”
Eisenwut “Gib mir Kraft”
Beyond The Black “Written In Blood”
Was Wenn’s Regnet “Barfuss durch die Wüste”
K&K Project “Hour Glass”
Long Distance Calling “The Man Within”
Rammstein “Rammlied”
Freudenthal “Elena”
Betontod “Küss Mich”
Ian Turner & Tony T “Tonight”
Lola Dutronic “Modern Suicide”
Grayhound O.C.D. “Alone”
pGarage “Crazy Cat”
Hella Donna “Liberty”
Mark Ganesh & Dj Preacher “I’m Alone”

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Author: Jonathan L

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