@LopsidedWorld Of L- SUNDAY SEPT. 24 & OCT. 1

edition #356 is a mostly theme based show as I will be on vacation. Most songs are relatable or remotely relatable to taking a vacation. My wife and I will be on an Island so consider this a disc for my headphones and for you. At the end new tunes from UNKLE featuring Mark Langan, Alle Farben, Gary Numan, LCD Soundsystem, Das Fluff and Kasabian. Also of note the classic 2007 version of Baz Luhrmann’s “Sunscreen”. Please enjoy the variation of sounds.

*denotes first time song airs on show

-Frank Black of Pixies voice intro-
+Pixies “Another Toe In The Ocean” (Boston)
+Tombstones In Their Eyes “I Want To Fly” (Los Angeles)
*Nina Hagen “ Let The Sunshine” (1993) (Berlin, Germany)
-Joey Ramone voice intro-
+Joey Ramone “Life’s A Gas” (New York)
-back and front announce-
+Mumiy Troll “Vladivostok Vacation” (Moscow, Russia)
+Foxy Shazam “Freedom” (Cincinnati, Ohio)
-N-Euro voice intro-
+N-Euro “Tequila” (Tallinn, Estonia)
+UFO “World Cruise” (rec. live ’06 in Germany) (London)
-back and front announce-
*Snem K “Pure Sun” (Dragon mix) (Provence, France)
*Solai aka Chris Pope “Islands In The Sun” (Los Angeles)
-Kat Vinter voice intro-
+Kat Vinter “Islands” (Berlin, Germany)
+Baz Luhrmann “Sunscreen 07” (Sydney, Australia)
-back and front announce-
*Night “Winds” (Linköping, Sweden)
-Boris Carloff voice intro-
+Boris Carloff “I’m An Island and…” (Czech, Republik)
+Me “Under The Sun” (Melbourne, Australia)
-Reel Big Fish voice intro-
+Reel Big Fish “Hiding In My Headphones” (OC, CA)
-back and front announce-
-Chaz from Madness voice intro-
+Madness “So Alive” (London)
-Courtney Taylor Taylor voice intro-
+Dandy Warhols “Sad Vacation” (Portland, OR)
-Juliet Beaven of 8 MM voice intro-
+8MM “Around The Sun” (Echogram RMX) (Los Angeles)
-back and front announce-


*Alle Farben & Junieck “Little Hollywood” (Berlin, Germany)
-The Seagulls voice intro-
*The Seagulls “I Always Get The Feeling…” (Leeds, England)
-Dawn Lintern of Das Fluff voice intro-
*Das Fluff “I Love You (When You’re…” (Berlin, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*UNKLE f/Mark Lanegan “Looking For The Rain” (London)
*LCD Soundsystem “Tonite” (Brooklyn, New York)
-Tom Meighan of Kasabian voice intro-
+Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, UK)
-back and front announce-
*Gary Numan “My Name Is Ruin” (London, England)

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Author: Jonathan L

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