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From Reggae to retro 60s sound to today’s musical environment, #399 has it all. Brit rock is well represented with A Band Called Jack, Portugal’s The Legendary Tiger Man, women that are highlighted; Enna Le, Icielani, Lynda Law and Anna Calvi. Throw
in the mix more new tunes from Shriekback and Rat Scabies, along with Cory Glover (Living Clour) fronting Ultraphonix /featuring Don Dokken- a fun musical two hours for all.

 *Perpacity “The Order Of Now” (Copenhagen/Bristol)
*Perpacity “Gone” (Copenhagen/Bristol)
-John Andrews voice intro-
*John Andrews “Love Letter” (Belfast, Ireland)
*Shriekback “Church Of The Louder…” (London, England)
-back and front announce-
*Ultraphonix f/Cory Glover “Walk Run Crawl” (New York)
*DJ Combo f/Mr. Shammi & M.S.Jones “Beautiful Day” (Poland)
-Stoneman voice intro-
*Stoneman “Tanzmusik” (Switzerland)
*Enna Le “Bambeo” (Berlin, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Tunng “Dark Heart” (London, England)
*VooDoo “Energy” (Blairsville, Georgia)
-Georgia and The Vintage Youth voice intro-
*Georgia and The Vintage Youth “Glory” (Essex, England)
*The Legendary Tigerman “Fix Of R&R” (Portugal)
-back and front announce-
*A Band Called Jack “Voices” (Manchester, England)
*Pad Anthony & Cheshire Cat “Heart & Soul” (Kingston, Jamaica)
-Cj Hooper voice intro-
*Cj Hooper “When We Rise” (Sydney, Australia)
*Anna Calvi “Hunter” (London, England)
-back and front announce-
*Icielani “Rock It” (Toronto, Canada)
*Ryder Havdale “Chasing Unicorns” (Berlin/Toronto)
GABY’S MEMORY LANE: Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”
*The Scrags “Cold Wind” (Stockholm, Sweden)
-back and front announce-
*Walter Lure & The Waldos “Crazy Kids” (New York City)
-K-Man & The 45’s voice intro-
*K-Man & The 45’s “Party In Ja” (Montreal, Canada
-Lynda Law voice intro-
*Lynda Law “A Matter Of Time” (Belgium/Blackpool)
*Halo Circus “Oh, Money!” (Los Angeles)
-back and front announce-
*Los Tinitoz “Doppelhure” (Berlin, Germany)
-Little Sparrow voice intro-
*Little Sparrow w/R.Dewhurst “Dry Your Eyes” (Manchester, U.K.)
-Rat Scabies voice intro-
*Rat Scabies “Floating” (Surrey, England)
-back and front announce-
*2Mau “Keuken” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Author: Jonathan L

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