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This week and next explore which artists resonated and garnered responses from you that were played so far this year. Show #390 has quite an array of sounds. As an international show it covers many
Countries and is what it is, the best sounds that will keep you riveted by mostly unsigned and very small labels or self-released. Also a few known artists returned with new music. This airs for two weeks
so make time in your schedule to discover. Danke.

All song’s aired on show this year

Intro to “Be The Best” by Tenacious D
Nick Cold f/ Pit Bailay “Story Of My Life” (Freiburg, Germany)
The Scrags “Instead Of” (Stockholm, Sweden)
-TC&I voice intro-
TC&I “Greatness (Aspiration Song) (Swindon, England)
Inkfields “Snare Yourself” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
-back and front announce-
Inferior Complex “You’re The Only One..” (South Hampton, UK)
Jenn Vix “Alive Again” (Rhode Island)
-Rat Scabies voice intro-
Rat Scabies “Floydian Slip” (Surrey, England)
-DJ Reset voice intro-
DJ Reset “Love In The Night” (Los Angeles)
-back and front announce-
The Maple State “The Things That I Heard…(Manchester, UK)
-Hegarty voice intro-
Hegarty “I Only Dream” (Liverpool, England)
-Mugzy voice intro-
Mugzy f/ Eden Hook “Rain” (Sydney, Australia)
Young Fathers “In My View” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
-back and front announce-
Hey Jetman “Tinder And Tears” (Berlin, Germany)
Paul Biss “Biss Manipulation” (Brussels, Begium)
-Vile Assembly voice intro-
Vile Assembly “Cunning Man” (Liverpool, England)
-The Courettes voice intro-
The Courettes “Strawberry Boy” (Brazil/Denmark)
-back and front announce-
MC Duro “Creativity” (Czech Republic)
-WJ Hilton voice intro-
-WJ Hilton “Circles” (Goodyear, Arizona)
-Ensign Broderick voice intro-
Ensign Broderick “True Shame” (Toronto, Canada)
-Andy Cooper voice intro-
Andy Cooper “Do The Andy Puppet” (Long Beach, CA)
-back and front announce-
I Wear* Experiment “Dogs” (Tallinn, Estonia)
Marcus Marr “Familiar Five” (London, England)
-Middlemist Red voice intro-
Middlemist Red “Illuminair” (Budapest, Hungary)
-Fjorka voice intro-
Fjorka “Evening Lights” (Dublin, Ireland)
-back and front announce-
Lee Christian “Money” (Oxford, England)
-Mutant Vinyl voice intro-
Mutant Vinyl “You And Your Pink Sky” (Liverpool)
-Tommy London voice intro-
Tommy London “Sugar Red” (New York City)
-Little Brother Eli voice intro-
Little Brother Eli “Our Kind Of Love” (Oxford, England)
-back and front announce-
-Lola Dutronic voice intro-
Lola Dutronic “My Name Is Lola” (Germany/Canada)

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Author: Jonathan L

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