@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY March 24, 8pm

425 is a special that is truly special. All musicians sing in their

own language; from Turkish, Slovanian, French, Spanish, South
African, to Nigerian, Italian, German, Estonian, Tunisian, Czech
to Brasilian, Portuguese to Hebrew. Consider this your world
view to travel. The music you will hear in Pubs, Taxi’s, the Beach,
in Hotels to dining in cafes and restaurants. A show like this comes
around rarely. Don’t miss it!

 Kraftwerk- “Die Stimme Der Energie” (German)
Jerome Echenoz f/ Anna Jean “Le Chrome et…” (French)
-Boogie Company voice intro-
Boogie Company “Mida Sa Mˆgised, Mees!” (Estonian)
-Michael Schulte Deutsch voice intro-
Michael Schulte “Allein” (German)
Adwaith “Newid” (Welsh)
-back and front announce-
Movits! f/ Zacke “Huvudvarken” (Swedish)
-Paulinda Crescentini of Daybehavior voice intro-
Daybehavior “Cambiare” (Italian version)
Arez Andko “L’horloge du temps” (French)
-Ninet voice intro- Ninet “Talking” (Hebrew)
-back and front announce-
Eluveite “II Clom Dallas Mutognas” (Romanian version)
PoiL “Mao” (French)
-Oomph Deutsch voice intro-
Oomph “Im Namen des Vaters” (German)
Los Blancos “Cadw Fi Lan” (Welsh)
-back and front announce-
Maxhoseni f/Dj Joejo “Ixesha” (South African)
Magnifico “Dalmazia” (Slovanian)
-V’nuss voice intro-
V’nuss & Coloma and the K “Rouge Sang” (French)
-Heimataerde original music and Deutsch voice intro-
Heimataerde “Diese Nacht” (German) -back and front announce-
Kent Coda “Dalkavuk” (Turkish)
-Waconzy voice intro-
Wacaonzy “Ogbono” (Nigerian)
-Marianne Dissard voice intro-
Marianne Dissard “Election (Cibola Gold)” (French)
Balkan Taksim “Zalina” (Romanian)
-back and front announce-
Löbison “Bala hedonista” (Spanish)
Emel Mathlouhi “Ensen Dhaif” (Tunisian)
-Benjamin Schoos voice intro-
Benjamin Schoos f/Alain Chamfort “Dans les…” (French)
Lenka Lichtenberg “Sly panenky silni” (Czech)
-back and front announce-
Karol Conk· “VocÍ Nao Vai” (Brazilian)
-Un ane gonflable voice intro-
Un ane gonflable “Tropiques” (French)
-Die Krupps voice intro-
Die Krupps “Im falschen Land” (German)
-Astrobal voice intro-
Astrobal “Le souvenir des etoiles” (French)
-back and front announce-
Somma “Cinza FÈnix” (Portuguese)

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Author: Jonathan L

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