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Enjoy Suzi Quatro in her own words and
7 new songs. A 40-minute special segment.
Most of you should have at least
heard the name Suzi Quatro. Born in 1950
she made her musical start in 1964 at age 14.

The Detroit born and bred bassist was
an actress also on “Happy Days”. With a long
history of albums and collaborations Suzi
returns with a new album with her son.

#431 *New + Replay

*Witt f/ U96 “Quo Vadis” (Deutschland)
-Mutant Vinyl/Edwin Pope voice intro-
*Mutant Vinyl “Poh Poh” (Liverpool/London)
*Rammstein “Deutschland” (Berlin, Germany)
-Whispering Sons voice intro-
*Whispering Sons “Alone” (Brussels, Belgium)
-back and front announce-

**Special Segment with Suzi Quatro
In her own words and 7 new songs from
her new album-first in a few years “No Control”

Suzi Quatro Part One

-back and front announce-

Suzi Quatro Part Two

-back and front announce-
*Sail By Summer “Casual Drive” (Bergen, Norway)
*DJ Combo & Maureen Sky Jones “Show Me Love” (Poland)
-Astrobal voice intro-
*Astrobal “Interaction Forte” (Paris, France)
*Byron “Wall Of Shame” (Bucharest, Romania)
-back and front announce-
*Rites Of Hadda “From The Blow” (London, England)
*Joe Publik “Come Correct” (Dubmatix remix) (United Kingdom)
-Wargirl voice intro-
*Wargirl “Mess Around” (Los Angeles)
*Savoir Adore “Bloom” (Brooklyn, New York)
-back and front announce-
*Little Triggers “Giving Me Up” (Liverpool, England)
-Mini Mansions voice intro-
*Mini Mansions f/Alison Mosshart “Hey Lover” (Los Angeles)
*Secret Treehouse “The Big Rewind” (Bergen, Norway)
-TheKings voice intro-
*TheKings “Circle Of Friends Man That I Am” (Toronto, Canada)
-back and front announce-
*Floating Worlds “Sailing To History” (Athens, Greece)

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Author: Jonathan L

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