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#406 returns with ‘new music’ action from all over the globe! Slovenia’s Laibach are back with a new take on a well known song that who the hell else would cover. Plus new tunes from Benjamin Schoos (Paris), Red Partizan (Stuttgart, Germany), Poppycock (Manchester), The Buoys (Sydney),
Ishani (India), Musta Paraati (Finland) and Piqued Jacks (Italy). Couple of key tunes to hear are by Robert E. Livingood (North America) and Brechiau Hir (Cymru, Wales). October is a great month for seasonal change (in many places, ok not all of course) and a mix of music like no other.

*NEW  + replay
  *Linda Em “Little Lightmaker” (London/Ireland)
*Laibach “Sound Of Music” (Trbovlje, Slovenia)
-Benjamin Schoos voice intro-
*Benjamin Schoos f/ Alain Chanfort “Dans les…” (Paris, France)
*Red Partizan “Angel Of Mercy” (Stuttgart, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*The Callas w/ Lee Renaldo “Mirroir” (Athens, Greece)
*Neville & Sugary Staple “Wrong Shoes” (Coventry, England)
-MC Duro voice intro-
+MC Duro “Hurricane” (Czech Republic)
*Robert E. Livingood “Earth Mission 33” (North America)
-back and front announce-
*Ben Rauch “The Emoji Song” (New York City)
*Hero Fisher “If I Die And Nothing Happens” (London, England)
GABY’S MEMORY LANE: U2 “Mysterious Ways (Massive Attack RX)
*Ishani “One Can Jump” (Bangalore, India/London)
-back and front announce-
*Musta Paraati “Nacht der Untoten” (Finland)
*Palast “Strong” (Berlin, Germany)
-Pound Of Flesh voice intro-
*Pound Of Flesh “More” (Chicago)
*Baby Raptors “Warriors Of The Weekend” (Brooklyn, New York)
-back and front announce-
*Paul McCartney “Confidante” (Liverpool)
*Riverside “River Down Below” (Warsaw, Poland)
-Pop Noir voice intro-
*Pop Noir “White Jazz” (Manchester, England)
*Klaus “Fever” (Montreal, Canada)
-back and front announce-
*Breichiau Hir “Portread O Ddyn…” (Cymru, Wales)
*Poppycock “Iggy Pop” (Manchester, England)
-K-Man & The 45’s voice intro-
*K-Man & The 45’s “I Don’t Mind” (Montreal, Canada)
*The Buoys “Arm Wrestle” (Sydney, Australia)
-back and front announce-
*Piqued Jacks ” (Buggiano, Italy)
-InRegalia voice intro-
+InRegalia “Stand Up” (Mumbia, India)
*Moko “Fall Tune” (France)
-back and front announce-
*Amy Douglas “Never Saw It Coming” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Author: Jonathan L

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