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*New  + is replay

*Studio Electrophonique (James Leesley) “Jayne” (Sheffield, England)
*The Senior Allstars f/ Ammoye “Get Ready” (Münster, Germany)
-DJ Shadow voice intro-
+DJ Shadow f/ De La Soul “Rocket Fuel” (San Francisco, CA)
*Serdar Somuncu “Da Bist da” (Berlin, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Yacht “Scattered” (Rob Dub) (Los Angeles, CA)
*The Ringards “Paradise Milk” (London, England)
-Para Lia voice intro-
+Para Lia “On My Way Home” (Cottbus, Germany)
*The 69 Eyes “Cheyenne” (Helsinki, Finland)
-back and front announce-
*Red Hot Chilli Pipers “Shut Up And Dance” (Scotland)
*Cassius King “Deuce” (Kiss cover) (N. America)
-Speaker First voice intro-
*Speaker First “If It Ain’t You” (Banding, Indonesia)
*Rider “Jump” (London, England)
-back and front announce-
*She Past Away “Izole” (Bursa, Turkey)
*Luis Mojica “The Ranger” (Woodstock, N.Y.)
-Indifferent MonKeY voice intro-
*Indifferent MonKeY “Wishing You Were Here” (Lancaster, England)
*Dizraeli “My Mama” (Brighton, England)
-back and front announce-
*Scarlet Rebels “Radio Song” (South Wales)
*Oscar Scheller with Pawws “Interstellar Disco” (London, England)
GABY’S MEMORY LANE: Jonathan L f/Go Satta “(Don’t Be Afraid) MOVE”
*Alls Done “Love That Going Around” (Edinburgh/Toronto)
-back and front announce-
*Kevin Tiah f/Jamie Mac “Into Our Peace” (Sydney, Australia)
*Paul Lynch “Little Man” (London, England)
-Day Glo voice intro-
*Day Glo “A Paper Dream” (Tokyo, Japan)
*Ben Harper “Uneven Days” (California)
-back and front announce-
*Cultdreams “Not My Generation” (Brighton, England)
-Xul Zolar voice intro-
+Xul Zolar “Perfume” (Köln, Germany)
-Vertilizer voice intro-
*Vertilizer “What About Us” (Pink cover) (Austria)
-back and front announce-
*Matteo Veroni “Jack The Floor” (Berlin, Germany/Rome , Italy)

Author: Jonathan L

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