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With gratitude to all of you listeners, I celebrate two milestones with the 400th edition of the Berlin era. It has been since 2010 I re-debuted Lopsided World Of L after creating the show in 2005 upon my return after 10 years in Los Angeles. The Phoenix era began in 2005 and over 500 editions with the live on-air two different shows a week in prime time on massive rock station KUPD FM. The show was also on the internet from 2007 on. Over 900 editions. Thank you for listening and also nominating me three times and voting for me to win “International Radio Personality” twice in the latter stage of my 36 years on radio in 2015 and 2017. The Phoenix era started in last week of August and this 400th edition means a lot to me personally. It will feature all Deutsch artists I played this year in both English and German language. Importantly I will during each talk break give you insider facts and information on how I do the show. Hope you find this interesting.

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Author: Jonathan L

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