Sunday April 24-8pm-Lopsided World Of L-PUNX HARMONIC-IRA LOSCO-MISS RABBIT

#289 Berlin era features Ira Losco who is Malta’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm coming up May 14. Switzerland’s Miss Rabbit rock in with a new tune, and New Jersey’s Punx Harmonic blend various styles that will make your ears perk up. Complete set-list below.

April 23

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Punx Harmonic “Immaterial” (New Jersey)
*Miss Rabbit “Independent” (Switzerland)
*DJDS “I Don’t Love You” (Los Angeles)
*Rotersand “Just Sales” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Primal Scream “Trippin’ On Your Love” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*The KVB “In Deep” (Berlin, Germany)
*Some Velvet Morning “No Walls” (North London)
*The Heavy “Goodbye Baby” (Bath, U.K.)
*Ira Losco “Walk On Water” (Malta)
*Pat Todd & Rankoutsiders “Sugar Coated Love” (L.A.)
*Lola Dutronic “Kids Just Wanna Dance” (Toronto)
*Holy Esque “Doll House” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Oh White Mare “Outsiders” (Australia)
*Charles Bradley “Ain’t It A Sin” (Brooklyn)
*Johnette Napolitano “Constanze Mozart” (Joshua Tree)
*They Called Him Zone “Miami” (Bradford, England)
*Tom Hingley Band “Beggars Hand” (Manchester)
*Night Knight “Set It On Fire” (Athens, Greece)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Haifisch” (Olsen I. remix)
*Rusty Ray Levy “Complicated” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Dead Ships “Company Line” (Los Angeles)
*Daphne & The Fuzz “Burn Down Your House” (Athens)
*Skellums “Art Of Dying Young” (Liverpool)
*Summer Cannibals “Say My Name” (Portland, OR)
+Helen Love “First Girl From Wales In N.Y.C.) (Wales)
*Underworld “Low Burn” (Essex, England)
+Star Dancer “She’s In Love With Joan Jett” (Detroit)
*Lovespeake “Tightrope” (Norway)
*Circus Maximus “The Weight” (Oslo, Norway)

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Author: Jonathan L

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