Ola’s Kool Kitchen 190

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Show 190
1. Divinyls-Science Fiction-Desperate-Chrysalis
2. The Caesars-Jerk It Out- Love for the Streets, Paper Tigers-Virgin
3. D-Zoom- A Quien Le Importa– Latino América Shoegaze: Compilado 2012- Disco b-unsigned
4. Saturna-Much More-Some Delicious Enemy-unsigned
5. The Vandelles-Wild Sun-Merry Krampus From The Vandelles-unsigned
6. The Weirdos-We Got The Neutron Bomb-single-Dangerhouse
7. The Waitresses-I Know what Boys Like-single-Polydor
8. A Hawk and A Hacksaw-You Have Already Gone To the Other World- You Have Already Gone To the Other World- L.M. Dupli-Cation
9. Baths-Plea-Cerulean-Anticon
10. Titus Turner-Cool Down- single-Clover Music
11. The Rattles-The Witch-The Witch-Philips
12. A Go Go-King Of Drums-Son of P.M. The Hey Klong Yao: The essential Collection Of Modernized Thai Music From the 1960s-EM Records
13. Odawas- Alleluia-Raven And The White Night-Jagjaguwar

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