Ola’s Kool Kitchen 197

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Show 197

1. Chapterhouse-Falling Down-Rownderbowt-Dedicated

2. Sigur Ros-Brennisteinn-Kveikur-XL Recordings

3. Insect Guide-Dark Days and Nights-Revolution in Sound II-Northern Star Records

4. One Unique Signal-The Alchemist-Hey Alchemist/Neuralgia-Genepool Records

5. Asteroid #4-Century Girl-Turn On Your Mind-Psyilocybin Sounds

6. Penetration-Don’t Dictate-single-Virgin

7. Plasmatics-Butcher Baby-New Hope For The Wretched-Vice Squad

8. Steve Mason-Fight Them Back-Monkey Mind’s In The Devil’s Time-Double Six

9. Miss Kitten-Kitten Is High-Batbox-Pascal Gabriel

10. Martha Velez-Swamp Man-Fiends and Angels-London Records

11. Mosquitoes-The Fly-single-Spear
12. Bobby Darin-Plain Jane- Yesterday’s Gold Volume 7 –YDG

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