@OlasKoolKitchen 308

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on Andhow.fm with a velvety sonic underground! Featuring The Sights, Dilly Dally, Night Beats, Cold Pumas and DM Stith.

Show 308

  1. The Sights-Circus-New Line Records
  2. Lung Leg-Theme Park-Maid to Minx-Vesuvius
  3. Dilly Dally-Desire-Sore-Partisan
  4. Night Beats-Sunday Mourning-Who Sold My Generation-Heavenly Recordings
  5. Cold Pumas-Fugue States-The Hidden Valley-Faux Discx
  6. Fifth Column-Necromancy-Decadent Disco-unsigned
  7. Scrawl-Clock Song-Bloodsucker-Feel Good All Over
  8. Zabrinski-Release The Hounds-Koala Ko-Ordination-Ankst
  9. Paul Ceraso-Skin on Skin-single-self release
  10. Cleoma Breaux and Joe Falcon- Ils La Volet Mon Trancas-single-Bluebird
  11. Johnny Nash-Hold Me Tight-Hold Me Tight-JAD
  12. Pattie Bersaudara – What Am I Supposed To Do- Java Java Indonesian Screaming Fuzz Volume 1-Nosmoke
  13. Angel Olsen-Shut Up and Kiss Me-My Woman-JagJaguwa
  14. DM Stith-War Machine-Pigeonheart-Octaves
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