Ola’s Kool Kitchen 311

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  1. Velvet Crush-Superstar-In The Presence of Greatness-Creation
  2. Young & Sexy-Chikubi-Stand Up For Your Mother-Mint
  3. Ex Hex-Don’t Wanna Lose-Rips-Merge Records
  4. The Moonlandingz-Sweet Saturn of Mine-The Moonlandingz-PIAS
  5. Muertos – Ballroom Spritzer-Muertos-Wrong Way Records
  6. Sultans of Ping FC-Stupid Kid-single-Divine Rhythm King
  7. Adverts-Gary Gilmore’s Eyes-single-Anchor
  8. Sunns-2020-Images Du Futur-Secretly Canadian
  9. Glass Animals-Pools-Zaba-Harvest Records
  10. Pleasure Seekers-What a Lovely Way To Die-single-Hideout Records
  11. Kourosh Yaghmaei – Baroona (Rains)-Back From the Brink: Pre-Revolution Psychedelic Rock from Iran 1973-1979-Soul Jazz Records
  12. The Zodiacs-Renegade-single-Trojan
  13. Mirel Wagner-Oak Tree- When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day-Subpop
  14. Vollmar-Out To Sea-Open Window-Flannelgraph
  15. Charles Bradley-Ain’t It a Sin-single-Dunham


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