Ola’s Kool Kitchen 316

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Show 316

  1. Chapterhouse-Mesmerise-single-Dedicated
  2. Whiteout-You Left Me Seeing Stars-Bite It-Silvertone
  3. Soft Lions- Run In Dreams-XOXO-Velvet Blue Music
  4. The Hanging Stars-Floodbound-Over The Silvery Lake-Crimson Crow
  5. Rosa Vertov-Aubade-Rosa Vertov-Crunchy Human Children Records
  6. Charlottes-Venus-Things Come Apart-Cherry Red
  7. Chin Chin-Never Surrender-Sound Of The Westway-Farmer Records
  8. Dumbo Gets Mad- Andromedian Girl-Thank You Neil-Bad Panda Records
  9. Sounds of Sputnik – Light Scheme feat. Ummagma (Mind Movies Remix)-New Born-Ear To Ear Records
  10. Mario Pezzotta e i Suoi Solisti -Piccadilly Shake- MONDO INFERNO Vol. 2- Dionysus Records
  11. The Belles-Melvin-single-Tiara
  12. Sackville-If His Shadow Moves On The Water-The Principles Of Science-Constellation
  13. Vehicle Flips-Requiem For A Canceled Program-The Premise Unraveled-Magic Marker
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