Ola’s Kool Kitchen 319

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on Andhow.fm with guest DJ Shouwang Zhang from Carsick Cars featuring Chui Wan, Dear Eloise, Birdstriking, and The RA-6600.

Show 319

  1. Carsick Cars-The Best VPN So Far-3-Maybe Mars Records
  2. Interview with Shouwang
  3. Carsick Cars- Zhong Nan Hai-Carsick Cars-Maybe Mars
  4. Interview with Shouwang
  5. Chiu Wan-Black Cat, White Cat-White Night-Maybe Mars Records
  6. Interview with Shouwang
  7. Faye Wong-Anxiety- Fuzao-Cinepoly
  8. Dear Eloise-Festival-The Words That Were Burnt-Maybe Mars Records-
  9. Birdstriking-Magpie-Birdstriking-Maybe Mars Records
  10. The RA-6600-Take A Look Around-single-Hembot Records
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