Ola’s Kool Kitchen 326

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Show 326

1. Eric’s Trip-Girlfriend-Forever Again-Sub Pop

2. Buffalo Daughter-Great Five Lakes-New Rock-Grand Royal

3. The Baby Seals – Guuurrrrl- Guuurrrrl-Trapped Animal

4. The Dunes – Mountain – Mountain-Going Steady Music

5. CUESTA LOEB- Grass It Grows-Dive-self release

6. Diary-I Die-Love Shadows-self release

7. The Babies-Slow Walkin-Our House On The Hill-Woodsist

8. Bella Mckendree-Baby Lets Fall-single-self release

9. Mothlight – Laika-single-self release

10. The Archies-Hide and Seek-The Archies-Calendar Records

11. The Glass Family-House Of Glass-Electric Band-Warner Bros

12. The Drifters-Under The Boardwalk-Under The Boardwalk Atlantic

13. Bridie Florence-Walk Me Home-single self release

14. Polyan-Ruby-Lonely Bologna-self release

15. Coastal Clouds- Nothing To Hide-single-self release

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