Ola’s Kool Kitchen 327

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on andHow.FM with enchantments from…

1. King Khan And The Shrines-Thorn In Her Pride-Idle No More-Merge

2. French Kicks-Said So What-Swimming-Vagrant Records

3. Tall Pines-Splitting-Munchausen-Incremental Records

4. Joseph Johns-Ceiling Drips-Celing Drips-self release

5. Div I Ded-Wasted-Transformation-self release

6. Volcano Suns-White Elephant-All Night Lotus Party-Homestead

7. Police-Can’t Stand Losing You-Outlandos D’Amour-A&M

8. Best Picture-Worms (feat. Astragale)single-self release

9. Malihini – Waiting-Waiting-Memphis Industies

10. The Lost Souls-This Life Of Mine-single-Sunshine Records

11. Roy Estrada and The Rocketeers-Jungle Dreams Part 2-single-King Records

12. The Marvelows-Your Little Sister-The Mighty Marvelows-ABC

13. Radial Spangle-Canopy and Shoe-Ice Cream Headache-Atlantic

14. Jared Mees-Life is Long-Life Is Long-Tender Loving Empire

15. MYFEVER-Childhood Keepsake Circa 1991- Childhood Keepsake Circa 1991-Born For Spaces-self release

16. Outside The Academy- Salient-Second Guessing-self release

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