Ola’s Kool Kitchen 328

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1. You Am I-Mr Milk-Hourly Daily-Warners
2. Warm Jets-Future Signs-Future Signs-This Way Up
3. Kingdom of Birds – Awkward-Plastic Fauna-self release
4. Delafaye – She Shook Me-Highlands-Street Mission Records
5. Kristin Hersh- Bright-Wyatt At The Coyote Palace-Happy Birthday To Me Records
6. Shreikback-Nemesis-Oil and Gold-Arista
7. They Might Be Giants-Birdhouse In Your Soul-Flood-Elektra
8. Ekat Bork – Fear-YASДYES-GinkhoBox
9. Yellow House – Blinding Sights (Left Me Cold in the Night)- A Carnival of Fears-self release
10. The Beatniks-Alligator Hat- BRAZILIAN NUGGETS VOL 3 – BACK FROM THE JUNGLE –Groovie Records
11. The Rockets-Gibraltar Rock-single-Columbia
12. Professor Longhair-Mardi Gras in New Orleans- Mardi Gras in New Orleans-Blue Label
13. Wolfgang Michael-Rustling Trees-single-self release
14. Huxlee-Marquee-Appetite-self release
15. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete-The Sound Of All Things-Balance-Sonic Cathedral

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