Ola’s Kool Kitchen 329

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Show 329

1. The Detroit Cobras-Hey Sailor-Life, Love and Leaving-Rough Trade
2. St Etienne-Spring-Foxbase Alpha-Heavenly
3. Drang-Rip it Up-Rip It, Up-self release
4. Cigarettes After Sex-K-Apocalypse-Partisan Records
5. Girl Ray-Stupid Things-Earl Grey-Moshi Moshi
6. The Nuns-Walkin’ The Beat-The Nuns-Posh Boy
7. Joan Jett-Crimson and Clover-I Love Rock N Roll-Boardwalk
8. Chelsey and the Noise-Graveyard-Losing Landscapes-self release
9. Unison-Outside-Unison-Lentonia Records
10. The Waters-Mother Samwell-single-Delcrest Records
11. Enza Flori-Pata Pata e Pau-single-Chantecler
12. Little Johnny McCall-Half Ton Tillie-single-Donna
13. Skuff Micksun-Mad-Back Home- 652534 Records DK
14. The Crak Pots-The Fugue-The Crak Pots-self release
15. Whyte Horses-Natures Mistakes-Pop or Not-CRC Music

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