Ola’s Kool Kitchen 330

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on andHow.FM filled with good things from

1. The Vines-Get Free –Highly Evolved-EMI
2. Clientele-I Had To Say This-Suburban Light-Pointy
3. You People- Deliver Me Home-Dropouts-Custom Made Music
4. Duncan Lloyd-Heads Of The Bastille-I.O.U.O.M.E.-Afternoon In Bed
5. Jacob Quint – Fade Out-single-self release
6. Neu!-Lila Engel-Neu!2-U.A.
7. Lithium X-mas-Ballad of The Hip Death Goddess-Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess-Iris Music Group
8. Chkbns-Bodyless-This Time-Flowers Blossom In The Space
9. Dream Harlowe – Moarte-single-self release
10. Lorenzo Holden-The Wig-single Cee Jam Records
11. Wet Paint-Glass Road-single Onyx
12. Gary Mure-Sharp Shooter-single-Verve Records
13. Ultra Vivid Scene – Lynn Marie #1-Ultra Vivid Scene-4AD
14. House Of Fire- The Keeper Of The Doors-single-self releash
15. Peggy Lee-Is That All There Is-Is That All There Is-Capitol Records

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