Ola’s Kool Kitchen 333

Ola’s Kool Kitchen on NOW on andHow.FM! I’m a space girl with a rocket ship of sounds.

1. Even As We Speak-Falling Down The Stairs-Feral Pop Frenzy-Sarah
2. Ladybug Transistor-Nico Norte-Argle Heir-Pointy
3. The Thin Cherries-Dorian Gray-single-self release
4. Buddha Trixie – Tide-Stop The Space Age-self release
5. Beautify Junkyards – Drop City-The Beast Shouted Love-Mega Dodo
6. Gymslips-Renees Reprise-Rockin’ With The Renees-Abstract
7. King Of Luxembourg-Valleri-single-El
8. Blondebears – Dissolve-single-self release
9. 2 by Bukowski feat Kid Moxie- Hot Summer-single-Inner Ear Records
10. Roberto Carlos-E Proibido Fumar- E Proibido Fumar-Columbia
11. Steve and The Holidays-German Measles-single-Dandy
12. Beach Nuts-Out In The Sun (Hey Oh)-single-Bang
13. Timber Timbre – Sewer Blues-Sincerely, Future Pollution-City Slang
14. Basement Surfers – Fine Art to be Appreciated From a Toadstool-Human Music-Halfshell Records
15. 1960’s Batman Theme Tune

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