Ola’s Kool Kitchen 334

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Show 334
1. Tennis-Modern Woman-Yours Conditionally-Mutually Detrimental
2. Beachwood Sparks-Forget The Song-Tarnished Gold-Sub Pop
3. Toy Savoy-Clean Floors-single-Record Union
4. Weird Dreams- Binary-single-Tough Love
5. Bloodhounds On MY Trail-Sink-Haunted Isles-Moon Sounds Records
6. Bomb Party-Sugar Sugar-single-Normal
7. Cat Heads-Need To Know-Hubba-Enigma
8. LadyHD- B-side Love-single-self release
9. Soccer Mommy-Last Girl-Single-Glad Fact
10. Ros Sereysothea – I’m So Shy-Cambodian Rocks Volume 1-Khmer Rocks
11. The Deejays-Striped Dreams, Checked Fear-Haze-Hep House
12. Irma Thomas-Time Is On My Side-Time Is On My Side-Kent Records
13. Novo Amor – Colourway-Bathing Beach-Believe Recordings
14. ONCE A POET – THUNDER AND RAIN-single self release

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