Ola’s Kool Kitchen 337

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on andHow.FM with an array of musical delicacies from Sacred Shrines, Shimmercore’s Cat Wizards, Whispering Jackie, Joy Downer, Foxxxy Mulder and Raveen.

Show 337
1. Honeyrider-Drugstore Shoot-out-All Systems Go!-Damaged Goods
2. Angelica-Liberation Is Wasted On Me-The Seven Year Itch-Victory Works
3. Sacred Shrines – Collisions- Going Steady Mixtape #7 – Wintersteady-Going Steady Music
4. Shimmercore’s Cat Wizards – Sad Girls Smoke A Lot- Toxoplasma-Cat Like Recording Company
5. Whispering Jackie -Breaking Up This Time-For The Moment-self release
6. Fluid-My Kind-Purplemetalflakemusic-Hollywood
7. Cake Like-Spaceguy-Delicious-Avant
8. Joy Downer-Strange Places-Radio Dreamer-selfrelease
9. Foxxxy Mulder-In The Shadows-Premarital Hex-self release
10. Sensations-Oh My Eli-single-MCA
11. The Puppets-Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore-single-Red Rooster Records
12. Cri Babies-Go Go Guitar-Brazilian Nuggets Vol 3:Back From The Jungle-Groovie Records
13. Raveen – Always-Always-So Sorry Records
14. Agnes Obel – Familiar-Citizens Of Glass-Play It Again Sam
15. Billie Holiday-That Ole Devil Called Love-single-MCA Records

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