Ola’s Kool Kitchen 340

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW with a sonic field of sunflowers for you from Noonday Underground, Woods, The Manhattan Love Suicides , Mercyfox, Cecilia Ebba, You, The Wolf, and Rya
Show 340
1. Noonday Underground-Spinning All Around-Body Parts For Modern Art
2. Number One Cup-Strange and Silent Staircase-Possum Trot Plan-Flydaddy
3. Woods-Shining-With Light & With Love-Woodsist
4. The Manhattan Love Suicides-ANYTHING BUT SATISFIED-Rock Back for Nepal Volume 1-Patetico Recordings
5. Mercyfox-Dead White Doves-single-self release
6. The Chills-Satin Doll-Kaleidoscope World-Creation
7. Chesterfields-Ask Johnny Dee-Kettle-Subway Org.
8. Saul Williams – List Of Demands (Reparations)-Saul Williams-Fader Label
9. Cecilia Ebba – Breathe Out Breathe In-single-self release
10. The Plague-High Flyin Bird-The Gaiety Records Story-Pacemaker Entertainment
11. Denise &Company-Boy What’ll You Do Then-single-Wee Records
12. International Kansas City Play Boys-Everybody’s Going Wild-single-Wheelsville Records
13. The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home-Ma Fleur
14. You,The Wolf-From The Start-single-self release
15. Rya-The Brave New World-single-self release

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