Ola’s Kool Kitchen 349

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW F on Andhow.FM with winter warmers and good cheer!
Show 349
1. Wolf Alice-Heavenward-Visions Of Life-Dirty Hit
2. The Moonlandingz-The Strangle of Anna featuring Rebecca Taylor-Interplanetary Class Classics-Chimera Music
3. Jane Telephonda-Boson of Love-Boson Of Love-Mother West
4. Vukovar-Nero’s Felines-Emperor-Small Bear Records
5. Duncan McKnight-Highway Diamond-single-SpiderChildRecords
6. Looping-As I Am-single-self release
7. Sonic Youth-Dirty Boots-Goo-DGC
8. Johnny Frank – Jenny-Jenny-self release
9. Snapped Ankles-Hanging With The Moon-Come Play The Trees-The Leaf Label
10. Billy Clark and The Maskman-Soul Party Part 1-single-Disc’Az
11. Love- Alone Again Or-Forever Changes-Elektra
12. The Ebb Tides-My Baby’s Gone-single-Arco Records
13. Julie Byrne-Follow My Voice-Not Even Happiness-Ba Da Bing
14. Ruby Throat – A Bus Stop On Holloway Road-Out Of A Black Bird Came A Bird-Sleep Like Wolves

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