Ola’s Kool Kitchen 355

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on Andhow.fm with tunes that sound like the best dreams you ever had from
Show 355
1. Superchunk-I Got Cut-What a Time To Be Alive-Merge
2. Beach House- Dive-7-Sup Pop
3. SONS OF ZÖKU – Mauvaise Foi-single-self release
4. Joseph Wayne Miller – Happy To Be Here-Pacey-self release
5. Jennifer-Rabbit-single-Fins Records
6. The Vaselines-Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam-single-53rd&3rd
7. Perry Zoso – GUADALUPE-single-PZ Head Records
8. The Shacks-Follow Me-single- Big Crown Records
9. VedeTT – It Seems To Be Natural-Losing All-Echo Orange
10. Arthur Greenslade-Watermelon Man-single-Columbia
11. The Tangerine Roof-Back In My Arms-single-Roof Productions
12. The Sorrows-Take a Heart-Take a Heart-Piccadilly
13. Pygmy Lush-Yellow Hall-Old Friends-Lovitt Records
14. The Telescopes-Silent Water-Stone Tape-Yard Press

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