Ola’s Kool KItchen 369

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on Andhow.FM with a spaceship of splendishish sounds from
Show 369
1. Aretha Franklin-I Say A Little Prayer-Aretha Now-Atlantic
2. Le Tigre-My Metrocard-Le Tigre-Mr Lady Records
3. Whyte Horses-Promise I Do-Pop Or Not-CRC Music
4. Cream With A K-Terrible Voices-Cream With A K-self release
5. Kicksie-Please Stay In Love With Me-single self release
6. Rvg-A Quality of Mercy-A Quality O Mercy-Island Records
7. Girls Names-Karoline-Stains On Silence-Tough Love
8. Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound (feat. Brix Smith)-Black Rainbow Sound-Memphis Industries
9. Low-Disarray-Double Negative-Sub Pop
10. Patricia – Mes Rêves de Satin- Femmes de Paris Volume 1 Groovy Sounds From The Sixties-Wagram Records
11. 101 String Orchestra-Blues For The Guru-Sounds Of Today-Alshire Records
12. The Flies – I’m Not Your Stepping Stone-single-Decca
13. Bardo Pond-Lull-Set and Setting-Matador

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