Ola’s Kool Kitchen 376

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Show 376
1. Slaves-Cut and Run-Acts of Fear and Love-Virgin EMI
2. Babes In Toyland-Bruise Violet-Fonyanelle-Southern
3. Indigos-Breathe In-singles-self Release
4. LightFoils-Summer Nights-Chambers-Saint Marie Records
5. Knuckle Pups – Last Whim-San Panino-Wild Baby Records
6. Ghost Club- Unterwasser Fotos-Ghostclubbing-Flying Nun Records
7. Deaf Wish-The Rat Is Back-Lithium Zion-Sub Pop
8. Madeline Kenney- Cut Me Off-Perfect Shapes-Carpark
9. Emma Ruth Rundle-Light Song-Dark Horses-Sargent House
10. The Bats-Got a Girl-single-Wam
11. Elsa –Ecoutez-Elsa-Ariola
12. The Jackson Sisters-I Believe In Miracles-single-Tiger Lily Records
13. Israel Nash-Rolling On-Lifted-Loose Music

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