The Power Pop Show 5.20.16

The credo of the Power Pop Show is simple: bring quality, modern & classic melodically-driven rock to people who enjoy music. Your host Jeff Shelton meets in the middle, where melody and rock peacefully co-exist.

This week’s playlist on The Power Pop Show

THE POSIES – Squirrel vs. Snake (Solid States)
ROCK KILLS KID – Hide Away (s/t EP)
WEEZER – Girl We Got a Good Thing (s/t)
NADA SURF – Cold To See Clear (You Know Who You Are)
HURRY – Shake It Off (Guided Meditation)
ARLO – Forgotten (Up High in the Night)
BOB MOULD – Hold On(Patch The Sky)
EVIL EYE – Vicious Circle (single)
REDD KROSS – Nu Temptations (Researching The Blues)
THE FIGGS – Gimmicks (On The Slide)
THE PICTURES – Knocked Out (Pieces Of Eight)
FIREKING – A Sentimental Education (Double Trouble)
ROBERT POLLARD – My Daughter Yes She Knows (Of Course You Are)
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Mutiny I Promise You (Challengers)
THE RACONTEURS – Hands (Broken Boy Soldiers)
THE ORBANS – Barely Someone Known (When We Were Wild)
THE JANGLE BAND – Love You Too (Edge of a Dream)
GRETCHEN’S WHEEL – Invisible Thief (Behind The Curtain)
PUGWASH – Hang Myself Out to Dry (Play This Intimately….)
THE DIGGERS – Nobody’s Fool (Mount Everest)
THE PEARLFISHERS – New Stars (Across The Milky Way)
BIG STAR – Back of a Car (Radio City)
HURRY – When I’m With You (Guided Meditation)
THE SHAZAM – On The Airwaves (Rev 9)
AERIAL – Cartoon Eyes (Why Don’t They Teach Heartbreak in School)
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE – Maureen (Out of State Plates)
EUREKA MACHINES – Getting Away (Remain In Hope)
SHAKE SOME ACTION – I Wasn’t Born Yesterday (Fire & Ice)
FREE ENERGY – Girls Want Rock (Love Sign)
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC – Sheltered In The Sand (The Pop War)
THE WELL WISHERS – Somebody Lied (Comes and Goes preview)

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Author: Reverend Aquaman

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