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Current show

Music for the Masses

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Listener feedback 😁

Hey. I just wanted to reach out because I discovered this station while browsing the Tune In app on my roku in the US. I really like the music you play. I used to be a radio DJ at a community College in Hayward California, so I have a lot of love for indie radio. I played a lot of the same kinds of stuff you do. –Matt

Hi. I recently stumbled across your online live stream. I\’m a long-time listener of Pinguin Radio (Netherlands) and found your station when I was looking for an alternative. Loving the indie playlist.
Keep up the good work. –Mark

” It’s a terrific marriage of old school radio and modern sensibilities. It really is a rewarding listening experience.” — Thomas NC USA

Hi,  I’m listening on tune in radio from CA, USA.   Just wanted to say your station is great.   I previously listened to XMU on Sirius radio but you guys are much better.

Thanks, keep up the great work! –Shane

Dear Patrick and all andHow staff

Good morning from Greece.

I discovered your station recently and has already become one of my favorite stations, comparing to big names such as KCRW or Radio 6 BBC.

Congratulations for your great job and for the great music your are playing.

Warm regards, Tassos,  Music Lover from Larissa, Greece

Just found your station after reading an article somewhere about the best radio stations on the net, I had a look through a long list and by chance I thought I would give you a try, so glad I did, every tune you have played so far has been awesome. Where have you been all my life? That article was soo right. One big fan from the UK 🙂 -Mark

I have been listening to andHow for about six months and I can’t explain how happy I am that I discovered you! Brilliant music all through the day (and night, kinda’ depends on how ya see it;) I’m sending you all the best wishes from a huge fan from Norway! -Nikki

Hey there. I just tuned in a couple days ago on iTunes radio, and I’m digging it. Some cool sh*t you guys are spinning. I’m sending you this message from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (crazy, hey?). Nine out of ten tunes you guys’ play are new to my ears, and from artists I’ve never heard of. I’m a HUGE fan of music with very eclectic tastes in many genres, so I’m always on the lookout for a radio station that can provide me with some good ear food. Well done. Keep it up! Best wishes from Western Canada. – Craig

I’m Brazilian and I hear the radio all the time on my iTunes! I love all the songs! – Rafael

Thanks for playing independent rock. I graduated college in 1989, and I’ve been listening to new music since 1984. Keep playing independent rock from the ’80s to today, and I’ll keep listening.Andrew, new listener from Aurora, Illinois.

AMAZING I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE U GUYS! playing so much cool music!!! – János

Best radio station evah! Mad love from South Africa! – Anice

Kia ora. I recently found your radio station on my internet radio, and I’ve been listening ever since. Due to the 13 hours’ time difference, I only hear non-stop music most of the time, but I really like the music you guys play. Advertisement free! Hurray for andHow.FM!!! Best regards, Patrick in Antwerp, Belgium

Best Kiwi export since the All Blacks. – James

Hello! I just recently discovered Tunein, (the World radio app) and then Andhow.Fm……..and then your show. Amazing, I love it! Such a world of difference from regular radio, even the much-hyped satellite radio doesn’t come close! Fan for life! Cheers, Arpd 

Just wanna say how much I love your station and the eclectic mix of music you play! Keep up the great work. – Wes 

I’m from California, USA, and your radio station is much more enjoyable than our local southern California stations. Since the early 1990’s, U.S. corporations have taken a monopoly of the airwaves. Diversity and creativity have diminished as far as audibility goes in the states. My ears are happy to know that you’re just a few clicks away. Cheers, Dave 

Guys and gals, amazing radio! you blip in and out when i drive home from school, now i have just discovered you online CHOICE! I’m a BBC trained Sound and Communications Director, who started his career in student radio..I know quality when I hear it! Not sure if your studios are in NZ or Oz, but if they are here in Porirua, I would love to be involved in some way…. I’m currently doing a Nursing Degree, could do with some rock n roll distraction! anyway, wherever you lot are, thanks for the inspiration…give the programme director a hug, every song a blinder, every song new to my tired ears. Arohanui Yours sans ego, Jonathan. 

Hey fellas, you can’t imagine my euphoria at stumbling across your frequency. So good to listen to radio again, commercial free and with great tunes. There is a god after all. Hallelujah! Ha ha. Thanks men and women at Andhow.  Michael. =) 

Hi. The last 2 hours have been some of the best music I have heard in a long time.  I want to thank whoever chose the playlist.  I normally listen to music at this time of the day as I commute home on my bicycle, I have really been looking forward to my commute lately, I think I can thank you for that too. I think the artists can thank you too, because I have bought half of the music you play. You make the world a better place.  Thanks, Stephen 

I just wanted to tell you guys that I love your station. I used to listen to Radio Paradise, but I just find your mix more appealing to me personally. I listen just about every day, usually all day when I am working or at the house. Keep up the great work!  -Wayne, Crescent City, CA

The KEXP of the Southern Hemisphere! 😉 – Sophie, Portland, OR