Lopsided World of L

Worldwide Radio Summit’s “International Radio Personality of the Year”

lopsided [ˈlɒpˈsaɪ dɪd] – with one side lower or smaller than the other, unsymmetrical, uneven, unevenly balanced, unbalanced,off-balance, off-centre.

Your host, the longtime, award-winning radio veteran Jonathan L brings you an eclectic, 2-hour rock radio show LIVE from Berlin, Germany.  Playing you the music the way the artists recorded their songs, unedited and original, he is passionate about programming radio shows that entertain you musically.

For showtimes check out our live programme schedule!

Author: Reverend Aquaman

Got indie?! A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, hand-picked, indie, alternative, modern, vintage rock & more radio since 1998 at andHow.FM & 107.5 FM Mangaroa Valley, New Zealand.

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