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Songs about ghosts to start this week’s Brainwaves. With the Rewinds, We Ghosts, Simple Minds, and Aimee Mann. Is it time for spirits? Chicago thinks so. The Guess Who say no, there’s no time. Radiohead, the Delgados, the Shirts and Throbbing Gristle in there, too. It’s all on Brainwaves this week. Tune in! Band Song […]

Brainwaves goes long-form this week. As in: Every song is part of a lengthy suite of music. Only a few bands this week: 10cc, Pink Floyd, Elton John, No-Man, Spock’s Beard, Arcade Fire, Chicago, the Beatles, Genesis and Yes. If you like long songs with a (mostly) progressive bent, this is your show!

We’re sliding between the old and the new on this week’s episode. Hear The Smile recorded live at Montreaux and the wonderful Turkish-folk-meets-psych-rock sounds of Şatellites. Plus, new Todd Rundgren? With Neil Finn? Yes, please! Also, archive dips from Air, the Cure, and a tone poem from Patti Smith. About the show: Box of Visions […]

Modern Jetset #132 takes off with a sonic boom — this time we’ve got new music from Little Simz, Skinny Pelembe, and Inji, plus a little soul detour to get us to our final destination. Buckle up … Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent releases, […]

If you enjoyed “Brainwaves A to Z,” the special series of this show playing tunes from Brian’s iTunes collections alphabetically, then you don’t want to miss this retrospective – one song from each letter, in a row. A = A-Ha. B = B-Movie, D = The Dandy Warhols, F = The Feelies, K = Kishi Bashi, P = Paul McCartney, Q = Queen, R = R.E.M., U = U2, W = Willow Mile, X = XTC, Z = Zombies. Plus a surprise bonus at the very end. Get your alphabetical groove on this week with Brainwaves A to Z – the absolutely, very last, never again alphabetical episode.

Everything But the Girl is back after a 2-decade absence and it’s a wonderful thing. We also sample new global psych rock from Derya Yildirim and Grup Şimşek and spectral late-night sounds from the Danish duo Svaneborg Kardyb. Plus, we hit up the archives for Yellow Magic Orchestra, XTC, and Kirsty MacColl. – – – […]

Modern Jetset #131 takes off over Korea and connects the dots around the rest of the globe. This week we’ve got recent releases from Greentea Peng, Flevans, and Fold, plus some lounge energy that’s perfect for your next pajama party. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and […]

#615 All New Edition SHE SHOW 53– *Faith Marie “NVM (Remix)” (N. America) *Antonja “My Lord” (Frankfurt, Germany) -Malonda voice intro- *Malonda “Feuerfrau 2.0” (Berlin, Germany) *Jody and the Jerms “Started Something” (Oxford, England) -back and front announce- *Claudia is on the sofa “Not My Song” (Italy) *Unison “Air” (Paderborn, Germany) -ANIQO voice intro- *ANIQO […]

Insomnia-fueled sounds drive the show this week. It’s an aural stimulation of the sleep senses! Hear new releases from Run the Jewels and Moor Mother. Plus, vintage tracks from Massive Attack, Roxy Music, Phillip Glass, and King Sunny Adé. About the show: Box of Visions is a one-hour weekly radio show on andHow.FM with your […]

Modern Jetset #130 takes off with some serious Afrobeat vibes and then it’s anyone’s guess from there … this week we’ve got new music from Sault and A Certain Ratio, plus a little bit of connect-the-dots between some eighties legends and some goodies from today. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long […]

Brainwaves kicks off this week with a song about all the rowboats, thee start of a four-song set from Brainwaves favorite Regina Spektor. Plus great music from Big Star, Joan Jett, ELO, Josh Pike, Boz Scaggs, LCD Soundsystem, Robyn Hitchcock, the Dickies and much more. Get off your rowboat and tune in!

#614 All New Edition– *Booom Hornz “Enter The B” (Straßburg, Germany) *Rien faire “Le temps de la saison” (France) -The Badly Behaved voice intro- *The Badly Behaved “Govinda Jaya Jaya (Extended Ver)” (Berlin, Germany) *Mikuma feat. Jessica Mercy “I Come Undone” (Germany /USA) -back and front announce- *Beak Scenatrio “Three Ghosts in the Rune (Portugal) […]

What’s a Box of Visions? A metaphor for a radio. Or a song. Or a delivery system for new, unusual, and imaginative music! Box of Visions is a one-hour weekly radio show on andHow.FM with your host Mark Duggan. He mixes new releases and retro tracks to create a soundtrack that’s cinematic, stylish, mysterious, and […]

Modern Jetset #129 is here to bring you the vibes you need and the ones you didn’t know you needed … this flight we’ve got new music from Surfaces and Lime Garden, plus some psychedelic sounds and a little reggae excursion. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new […]

#613 SPECIAL BELGIUM EDITION–A few new tracks Telex “The Beat Goes On/Off” Skyblasters “Fallen In Love” -Art Of Empathy voice intro- Art Of Empathy “End Of I” Stravroz “In Mindibu” -back and Front announce_ Front 242 “Headhunter” *Les Panties “ Hazy Days” -Clemix voice intro- Clemix “C’est pas de l’amour The Colorist Orchestra f/ Pieta […]

Brainwaves invites you to get turned on this week. With Bromshead Jacket, the Shins, the Tubes and Toy Matinee. The Who never want to cut their hair (maybe they should hook up with America’s Sister Golden Hair Surprise). Nick Heyward used to be into hair, too, heading up the band Haircut 100. Are you a Passionate Friend? The Teardrop Explodes sure hopes so. And there’s a dead skunk heading up our 70s pop flashback. It’s all on Brainwaves this week.

#612 ALL NEW EDITION–*first time aired– *Grin 051 “Land (City Mix)” (Waterford, Ireland/ Hamburg, Germany) *Malonda “Hedy Lamarr” (Berlin, Germany) -Dubmatix voice intro- *Dubmatix & The Hempolics f/Horace Andy “Crazy Days (jungle mix)” (Toronto, Canada) *Beyond The Black “Winter Is Coming” (Mannheim, Germany) -back and front announce- *Harlem Lake “I Wish I Could Go Running” […]

Last week, Brainwaves gave you songs about rain. And guess what, it’s still raining! Coldplay is shivering, while Vanilla Sky needs the umbrella originally made famous by Rihanna. Also on the show: “holy” songs from the Lords of the New Church, Matthew Sweet and the Cure. Two songs about Amy/Amie. Sheena is a punk rocker. The Not Sensibles are in love with Margaret Thatcher. And the Barenaked Ladies wonder what would happen if they had a million dollars. (We do too!) It’s all on this week’s Brainwaves! Tune in.

#611 ALL NEW EDITION–*first time aired–+ is replay–   *Belau feat. Sarah Jay Hawley “Unimaginable (Hungary/Bristol, England) *Hellsingland Underground “It Started With A Teardrop (North Sweden) -Frenchy and the Punk voice intro- *Frenchy and the Punk “Mon Souvenir (France/ New York) *Frenchy and the Punk “Temple of Sleep (France/ New York) -back and front announce- […]

It’s raining outside the Brainwaves studio. It’s raining all over the world, for that matter. So, how about a special episode with nothing but rain songs? Fire and Rain. A Rainy Taxi and a Rain King. Rain City. Doin’ the Rain Dance. Raining Men.. And someone who’s only happy when it rains. But the real question on your lips is: Does it Rain in Southern California? Tune in this week to find out!