Apologies to our listeners.

We have always prided ourselves with a quality audio stream….

…but due to circumstances beyond our control, we are struggling with our stations stream from our studio, out to our internet servers. This means that the audio stream will often drop out during our broadcasts.

Two companies that supply and provision our internet connection, Spark NZ & Chorus NZ have chosen not to repair an issue that has been ongoing since June 2018. They appear to justify their stance based on the cost of repair and their abandonment of maintaining their copper network vs. maintaining service availability to their long time customers. We are not eligible for optical fibre or wireless internet (3G, 4G or 5G) so we are not apparently considered part their “core business”. We were even suggested that we find another service provider if we were not happy. (really?!?!) There are no other options as their infrastructure provider Chorus NZ will still be the same company. I have personally complained and spent countless hours on the phone, in support chat and with engineers onsite and in Manila. They are quite well aware of the problem, but since to fix the issue would cost them too much of their precious revenue (part of that we have paid for the past 10 years) we have been placed in the “too hard box”.

But, we have not given up the war, in spite of losing a few battles. We will persevere until the problem is resolved. There is still a bit of life in this station after 20 years of broadcasting. We are still live and on-the-air at 107.5 FM in the Mangaroa and Whitemans Valleys, and we will return 100% to the worldwide airways!!!

Thanks for your words of support and your infinite patience. We love you guys for listening!


Reverend Aquaman, Station Manager, andHow.FM

Author: Reverend Aquaman

Got indie?! A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, hand-picked, indie, alternative, modern, vintage rock & more radio since 1998 at andHow.FM & 107.5 FM Mangaroa Valley, New Zealand.

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