Brainwaves A to Z – the “P” show

On a brand new episode of Brainwaves A to Z, it’s bands and artists starting with the letter “P.” You’ll hear from The Psychadelic Furs, Pomplamoose, Pete Yorn, Peter Gabriel, Paper Lace, the Polyphonic Spree, the Pale Kites, Paloma, Porcupine Tree, Paul Weller and many more. Get reading for two hours of “p”-popping great indie-pop.

Band Song
The Psychedelic Furs Run and Run
Pete Yorn Burrito
Panic! At the Disco The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage
Pale Pacific Fortune Folds
P. Hux Every Minute
Pale Saints One Blue Hill
Pale Young Gentlemen The Crook of my Good Arm
Paloma Daily Sisyphus
The Paper Kites In Reverie
Prince Controversy
Pearl Harbor and the Explosions You Got It (Release It)
Paula Cole Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?
Phantom Planet Our House (cover: Crosby Stills and Nash)
Passenger The Wrong Direction
Paul Weller Going My Way
Phil Ayoub Lying and Stealing
Paramore Misguided Ghosts
Pete Shelley In Love with Somebody Else
Pharaoh’s Daughter Run
Paper Lace The Night Chicago Died
Paul McCartney Band on the Run
Pilot Magic
Pinback Good to Sea
Pocketbooks Falling Leaves
Pixies Plaster of Paris
Patti Smith Kimberly
Phoenix Long Distance Call
Peter Gabriel Mother of Violence
Pink Floyd A Pillow of Winds
Polyphonic Spree Hanging Around the Day Part 2
Pineapple Thief A Loneliness
Porcupine Tree How is Your Life Today?
Pomplamoose Walking on Sunshine (cover: Katrina and the Waves)
Peter Toh Car Bomb
Passion Pit To Kingdom Come
Psy Gangham Style

Author: Brian Blum

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