We are (still) relocating the studios to the Mangaroa Valley!

We will be off the air for a few days whilst we move our studios and gear from Papakowhai to Mangaroa.  Please accept our apologies for the silence, but we will be returning again soon to bring you the best in world-class indie rock, just as we have been for almost 20 years!  Beginning 22nd June.  Thank you for your patience.  The studio is operational but the FM & Internet broadcasts are still down. Please accept our humblest apologies and rest assured we WILL be back soon!

**UPDATE** 12/07/18 –  We are currently still working to get back on the air.   There have been a few roadblocks to provisioning services to the new studios, in spite of our booking the move months in advance, thanks Spark NZ and others! 🙁  Then if that wasn’t enough drama, limbs have fallen and taken out the telecom lines to the studio.  That requires another level of cat herding to get all of the moving parts working together.

**UPDATE** 23/07/2018 – We are back on the air again!  Finally.  🙂

Author: Reverend Aquaman

Got indie?! A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, hand-picked, indie, alternative, modern, vintage rock & more radio since 1998 at andHow.FM & 107.5 FM Mangaroa Valley, New Zealand.

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