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@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY April 17, 8pm, 2022

Written by on 12/04/2022

#573 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay—

*The Hellacopters “So Sorry I Could Die” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Billy Craig “Tears For Ukraine” (N. America)
-Rammstein intro-
*Rammstein “Zeit” (Berlin, Germany)
*6th Crowd “Sokolonko” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-back and front announce-
+AbsolutUnsa “Ecoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)
-Steve Wynn/The Dream Syndicate voice intro-
*The Dream Syndicate “Where I’ll Stand” (New York)
-KIDSØ voice intro-
*KIDSØ “Fir” (Munich, Germany)
-Kety Fusco voice intro-
*Kety Fusco “To Make A Dream Come True” (Switzerland/ Italy)
-back and front announce-
*Jack Pott “Urlaub auf meinen Balkon” (Bad Schwartz, Germany)
-Dave Faulkner /Hoodoo Gurus voice intro-
*Hoodoo Gurus “My Imaginary Friend” (Sydney, Australia)
-Wavewulf voice intro-
*Wavewulf f/Nala Spark “Luft” (New Jersey /Gdansk, Poland)
-Mexican Dogs voice intro-
+Mexican Dogs “She Cries Blues” (Liverpool, England)
-back and front announce-
*Cliff Jones f/ Zorina “Take It” (Netherlands)
*Kacimi f/Audrey K. “Décroche” (France)
-Libre Stone voice intro-
*Libre Stone “Mark Of Cain” (Bath, England)
-Lia Hide voice intro-
+Lia Hide “Proposal” (Athens, Greece)
-back and front announce-
*The Anahit “Don’t Text Me” (Hungary)
*Larsen & The Colored Dream “Soulmate” (Norway)
-The Magic Epic voice intro-
*The Magic Epic “More Than Just Pretty” (Brighton, England)
-Palumbo voice intro-
*Palumbo “This House” (Australia/ London/ Berlin)
-back and front announce-
*Tears For Fears “My Demons” (Bath, England)
-Luc Stargazer voice intro-
*Luc Stargazer “Lucy’s Eyes (Mash remix)” (Dresden, Germany)
*Luianna “Witch” (Bristol, England / Berlin, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Starry Skies “Spitfire Susie” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Nils van Zandt “Trumpet Sound” (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
*Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “Love Is Pain” (2022)
*The Cinema Show “The Pioneers” (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)
-back and front announce-
*Stereophonics “You’re My Soul” (London, England)