@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY December 27, 8pm

#481 –first aired May 19- 24 —

If you are locked in due to Covid -19- than lock on to the popular special of all familiar names with new music from 2020–Merry Christmas to everyone!–

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp “Isolation” (John Lennon cover)
Bob Dylan “I Contain Multitudes”
-Dr Robert (Blow Monkeys) voice intro-
Monks Road Social f/ Dr Robert “Step By Step”
Gerry & The Pacemakers “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (stereo 2020 version)
-back and front announce-
Boy George f/ Dr. Brian Kennedy “Things Are Gonna Change”
-Josie Cotton voice intro-
Josie Cotton “Run Pussy Cat”
+Sparks “I’m Toast”
-back and front announce-
Bob Dylan “Murder Most Foul” (all 16:55 minutes)
-back and front announce-
Deep Purple “Throw My Bones”
Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) “When She’s There”
-Richard Butler /Psychedelic Furs voice intro-
Psychedelic Furs “You’ll Be Mine”
Pearl Jam “Seven O’ Clock”
-back and front announce-
David Byrne “I Should Watch TV” (Live on Broadway)
-Cherie Currie voice intro-
Cherie Currie (Runaways) f/ Billy Corgan) “Blvds Of Splendor”
-John Easdale / Dramarama voice intro-
Dramarama “Up To Here”
Alanis Morissette “Reasons I Drink”
-back and front announce-
Soul Asylum “If I Told You”
Monks Road Social f/ Peter Capaldi (Dr. Who) “If I Could Only Pray”
-Max Raabe voice intro-
Max Raabe & Palast Orch. f/ Mr. Lordi (Lordi) “Just A Gigolo”
Boomtown Rats “Trash Glam Baby”
-back and front announce-
Kansas “Throwing Mountains”
-The Romantics (Mike Skill) voice intro-
The Romantics (Mike Skill) “Not My Business”
Fiona Apple “Shameika”
-back and front announce-
Cutting Crew “(I Just) Died In Your Arms” (Orchestral 2020 version)

Author: Jonathan L

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