@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY June 27, 8pm, 2021

#534 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay—

*Hans Deville “Mr Wolf” (London, England)
*Louise Rutkowski “Forbidden Fruit” (Glasgow, Scotland)
-Clan Of Xymox/Ronny Moorings voice intro-
*Clan Of Xymox “Brave New World” (Invisible Remix) (Leipzig, Germany)
-Fire Sign voice Intro-
*Fire Sign “There’s A Hunger There That Leaves Me Cold” (edit)(London, England)
-back and front announce-
*Calming River “While Helsinki Sleeps” (Brighton, England)
*Alex iS “White Lies & Half Truths” (Wolverhampton, England)
-John Leslie Hulcombe voice intro-
*John Leslie Hulcombe “Love Found A Way” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Lacosa “Nagger” (Italy)
-back and front announce-
*Hurtsfall “The Power” (Nottingham, England)
*Hasan Ghazi & Aurelien Stireg “Shymer” (Toronto, Canada)
-Damen und Herren sweeper-
*Telquist “ Am I Right“ (Munich, Germany)
-Matt Springfield voice intro-
*Matt Springfield “Need You Tonight” (Bordeaux, France)
-back and front announce-
*ANT-1 “Liberty” (France/Cork, Ireland)
*Conscious Route & Tzusan “Father & Son” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
-The Battles Of Winter voice intro-
+The Battles Of Winter “A Flaw In The Hourglass” (London, England)
-Razorbats voice intro-
*Razorbats “Nightcrawlers” (Oslo, Norway)
-back and front announce-
*Sean X “XXX” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Irmans “Hermano” (Spain/London)
-PictureHouse voice intro-
*PictureHouse “Not Long Now” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Hybrazil “Four Seasons” (Galway, Ireland)
-back and front announce-
*Tenderhooks “Stella Heartbeat” (Brighton, England)
*786AM “Peace Train” (Manchester, England)
-Kill The Giants voice intro-
*Kill The Giants “Story” (St Albans, United Kingdom)
-back and front announce-
*Kevee Lynch “Seven Seas” (United Kingdom)
*Alex Bedford “Drivers License” (Staffordshire, England)
-The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show voice intro-
+The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show “Boomtown” (Dorset, England)
*Richie Haley f/ Diandra “High On Dreams” (Belgium)
-back and front announce-
-Fire Sign voice intro-
*Fire Sign “There’s A Hunger There That Leaves Me Cold” (long) (London, England)

Author: Jonathan L

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